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Welcome to the Tread of Pioneers Museum Photo Webpage of historical photographs. On this webpage, you will find over 7500+ historical images from Steamboat Springs and Routt County’s history now searchable at the click of a mouse! You can search using the tabs above, such as area and place, business or activity, or subject, etc. You can also do a keyword search using the quick search button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

When you would like to order a photo please make note of the IMAGE numbers you desire. Then download, review, and complete the photographic usage agreement/order form at the top of this page. Email the completed agreement to Once payment and the contract is received, your photos will be printed and mailed or will be ready for pick up. Please indicate mail or pick up on your order form/usage agreement.

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Staff notes to all website visitors and customers: We are striving to provide the most complete and accurate records. If you have information on a photograph that you would like to share, please email museum staff at or simply use the email link below or above on this page. Please use this same method of communication for advice on how to donate or preserve your own historical photographs. Finally, there are some photo images on this site that are not copyrighted to the museum. Museum staff will alert you of this if it is an issue when you order.