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Class Photo, Dist. 35

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Class Photo, Dist. 35
1910 or 1912
Lower Oak Creek. 1st row: many are unknown 4th student from left is Thelma Bartholomew (Osland), 2nd row, 1st student is Ralph Turner, 4th student is Earl Jones, 5th student Earl Whitecotton. 3rd row, 1st student is Lois Whitecotton, 2nd student is Fern Bartholomew (Barber), 3rd student is Myrtle Lewis, 4th is Verna Gear, 5th is Alma Jones. 4th row 4th student is Mae Charles, 5th student is Val Brunner and 6th student is Beatrice Brunner. Scan only, original with family.
Glenn Barber
Oak Creek
B & W Photo
Scanner: Epson 1640 SU