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Hotel Harbor

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Hotel Harbor
Sept. 15, 1955
A man and woman walk into the Hotel Harbor (7th and Lincoln), a Hereford bull stands on display outside the building. "Steamboat Springs / a bully welcome at the Harbor Hotel - Pastorius Herd Bull Prospect on welcoming committee" handwritten on back. Stamped on back "William G. Mueller / Photographer / 1175 Race Street / Denver, Colorado"; "William G." is crossed out and "Margie [?]" handwritten above it. Steamboat Pilot from September 15, 1955: "Nearly 400 Breeders View Famed Northwest Colorado Hereford Herds on Tour Last Weekend" It includes a photo of "Two champion Hereford bulls on display at the Hotel Harbor...A prize bull owned by H.E. Pastorius of Yampa was on display at the left of the Harbor entrance." Visiting cattlemen set up headquarters at the Hotel Harbor, where herd bulls owned by John Reagor and H.E. Pastorius were on display. They visited numerous ranches in the area over the course of several days and “many stated it was the best Hereford tour in which they had participated.” “The three-day tour was one of the largest held in the country and afforded an excellent opportunity to display Routt county Herefords. Some of the herd bulls in this area have won national championships and sell for thousands of dollars.”
William Mueller
Christi McRoy
Steamboat Springs
Lincoln Ave.
B & W Photo
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