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Railroad Tracks

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Railroad Tracks
Black and white photo of railroad tracks being laid. Photo from album belonging to Harris Frazier, son of Floyd Frazier. Photo in album has typed description which says "The lower left hand picture was taken just before the rails reached the depot site. The bridge in the right background is the one we used to coast across. On the river bank just to the right of this cut was the small spring for which the town was named. It was just a small spring which burped and belched there on the river bank and early settlers thought it sounded like a river boat. By the time we were there someone had partially blocked the spring so its burping was somewhat muted." Floyd Frazier was the Secretary Treasurer of the Steamboat Springs Town and Quarry Company in 1909, owned a large ranch in Pleasant Valley, and helped build the bath house, the Frazier Building, and the Cabin Hotel.
Harris Frazier
Steamboat Springs
B & W Photo
Scanner: Epson V700 Photo