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R.C. Heintze's steam car

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R.C. Heintze's steam car
Robert Heintze owned a steamcar in Nederland and brought it to Steamboat Springs in 1913. According to Heintze's biography " The first of May (1913) we shipped everything on the Moffat Road steam car. My car occupied a whole flat car. I had rented a house over there and my car was the 5th one is Steamboat. I put this car in service there and at that time there were 13 horse camps between Steamboat and Craig and I got quite a bit of trade from those camps, but it was just no good for an auto, especially when it got wet. I tried it two seasons and in the winter I got a job at Steamboat Springs. I have seen 9 feet of snow on the level over there. After the rails were laid to Craig I saw my auto business was done and I had a chance to trade the steam car on real estate. That was in 1915." The real estate was the ranch near Mad Creek. "R.C. Heintze / Nederland" handwritten on back in ink. "ED TANGEN" embossed in lower right corner. Scan only, Photo returned to donor.
Donna Heintze Davis
B & W Postcard
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